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our mission

Through purposeful, coordinated and collaborative efforts, The Plan for Pitt will help us to continue contributing to the intellectual, economic and social enrichment of Pennsylvania and the world.

The University of Pittsburgh, founded in 1787, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States. As one of the nation’s distinguished comprehensive universities, the resources of the University constitute an invaluable asset for the intellectual, economic and social enrichment of Pennsylvania, while the international prestige of the University enhances the image of Pennsylvania throughout the world.

The University’s mission is to:

Provide high-quality undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences and professional fields, with emphasis upon those of special benefit to the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Offer superior graduate programs in the arts and sciences and the professions that respond to the needs of Pennsylvania, as well as to the broader needs of the nation and the world.

Engage in research, artistic and scholarly activities that advance learning through the extension of the frontiers of knowledge and creative endeavor.

Cooperate with industrial and governmental institutions to transfer knowledge in science, technology and health care.

Offer continuing education programs adapted to the personal enrichment, professional upgrading and career advancement interests and needs of 
adult Pennsylvanians.

Make available to local communities 
and public agencies the expertise of the University in ways that are consistent with the primary teaching and research functions and contribute to social, intellectual, and economic development in the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.

The trustees, faculty, staff, students and administration of the University are dedicated to accomplishing this mission, to which they pledge their individual and collective efforts, determined that the University shall continue to be counted among the prominent institutions of higher education throughout the world.

Over the past several decades, the University of Pittsburgh has risen to the ranks of the top universities in the world by building exceptional research strength and academic programs that prepare students for productive and meaningful lives. In addition, as an institution that is at once interwoven in the fabric of the hardworking communities of Western Pennsylvania and engaged globally, we have established a rich history of community support and global impact, making a difference in the lives of individuals, communities and the world.

From this enviable position, we have united in launching a new phase of institutional planning, determined to build on strengths and confront challenges to hone our unique identity as a top university deeply engaged with the world beyond our campus. Through wide-ranging discussions with the University community and beyond—community leaders in our region and commonwealth, the Board of Trustees, alumni, faculty, staff and students—we have developed strategies for navigating the challenging terrain we face in our region and the global landscape of higher education and identified a collection of strategic initiatives that will focus efforts to advance our mission.

Through this plan, we will to add to Pitt’s impressive record of achievement in improving lives and making the world better through knowledge. Our efforts will be purposeful, coordinated and collaborative, and success will be measured in terms of accomplishment and impact.

Together we will make a difference.

University community members attended a Sept. 17, 2016, program that featured an update on strategic planning, along with a description of the planning process’s implementation stage.

Meetings also were held for faculty members, students and staff to provide details on The Plan for Pitt and solicit feedback on the planning process.

Implementation of The Plan for Pitt is a work in progress, and input from the University community continues to be sought as the process continues.

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