Build Foundational Strength


Speaking and networking at conferences is crucial to career advancement, and these opportunities often create a need for occasional non-routine dependent care. This burden disproportionately affects women and people early in their careers. This project aims to


Pitt-Greensburg faculty and students have partnered with the Pitt University Libraries (ULS) and West Overton Village and Museums to build historic virtual tours with 3-D modeling, photogrammetry, and GIS of the Homestead and Museums.

Principal Investigator

Abdesalam Soudi

Select Collaborators

Judy Chang
Magee Women’s Hospital

Shelome Gooden

Audrey Murrell
David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership

Jeannette South-Paul
Family Medicine


This project draws on the Linguistics department’s existing internship program and aims to create an engagement platform for connecting linguistics to the community and industry, and ultimately, a center to house this program.

Discussing Entries at the First International Workshop in Pittsburgh.

Male student working on laptop


Expanding the research administrator talent pool at Pitt and creating both an internal and national pipeline of professionals with advanced training in the field of research administration are critical for strengthening our administrative and operational efficiency for conducting research of impact.