Promote Diversity and Inclusion

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This project will build on the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation’s Frank Bolden Workshop, which for 40 years has trained students in writing, self-development, and self-confidence.

Principal Investigator

Abdesalam Soudi

Select Collaborators

Judy Chang
Magee Women’s Hospital

Shelome Gooden

Audrey Murrell
David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership

Jeannette South-Paul
Family Medicine


This project draws on the Linguistics department’s existing internship program and aims to create an engagement platform for connecting linguistics to the community and industry, and ultimately, a center to house this program.

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Our purpose it to strengthen education research and practice to be culturally responsive to a changing demographic of students in the U.S. by developing a sustainable, impactful, transdisciplinary continuum of wrap-around support services for minoritized graduate students (MGS).

We will: