Pitt Seed Project Phases

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Phase 1: Pitt Seed Video Pitch

Timeline: November 2022-Feb. 1, 2023
Faculty and staff on all campuses are invited to submit a 90-second video pitching a project that addresses one or more of the three pillars in the Plan for Pitt.

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Phase 2: Cohort selection

Timeline: February 2023
Pitt Seed Council members will review pitches and select up to 30 concepts. 

Phase 3: Cohort training

Timeline: February-May 2023
The 30 candidates will each receive *up to* $2,000, participate in program empowerment training workshops and refine their Pitt Seed concepts.  

Phase 4: Pitt Seed Invited Proposals

Timeline: May-June 2023
Project leads will submit full proposals by May 17, 2023, 5:00 PM ET.

Leadership will review submitted proposals. Both the Chancellor, and Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor will recommend 10 projects to receive *up to* $75,000 each. Selected project leads will work on their projects over the course of a year to further develop their concepts.

Phase 5: Golden ticket pitch

Timeline: June 2023
Grantees will have an opportunity to present project impact metrics and a scaling plan to senior leadership. Recommendations will be shared with the provost, then the chancellor, to fund one or two projects *up to* $500,000 each for broad impact to the University.

Phase 6: Pitt Seed project funded

Timeline: 2023-2024
One project will be selected to advance to the Chief Financial Officer’s Strategic Planning and Performance Office for integration at the institutional level.