Pitt’s Way Forward

Chancellor Gallagher walking with students

After more than 15 months of discussing needs and developing ideas, we’ve taken a significant step in the strategic planning process: Creating a clear and compelling blueprint for change.

The Plan for Pitt Framework, presented here in draft form, is a big-picture view of how we hope to evolve—as an institution—over the next three to five years. It is deliberately simple, departing from our prior six-goal approach to focus our efforts in three key areas:

  1. Our People (who we are);
  2. Our Programs (what we do); and
  3. Our Purpose (the difference we make).

To everyone who has participated in the planning process thus far: Thank you! We’ll be using many of your proposed actions and ideas to fill the final framework, and these additions will become our next strategic plan.

For now, please watch the presentation deck and share your thoughts—via a quick 3-question survey—on what you think about our draft framework and the focal points it identifies to help us build an even better, stronger Pitt.


Chancellor Patrick Gallagher