Pitt Seed Projects

Supporting the Plan for Pitt

The success of Pitt’s strategic plan relies on engagement across the University. One of the efforts focused on increasing stakeholder participation is the annual opportunity for faculty and staff to submit ideas for Pitt Seed Projects, transformative projects that support one or more of the three pillars and 14 associated strategic objectives within the Plan for Pitt.

What are Pitt Seed Projects?

Pitt Seed Projects are well-defined actions that will play an instrumental role in transforming the University of Pittsburgh. Proposed projects can include a range of activities, including: academic programs; process improvement; equity, diversity and inclusion; sustainability; methods of teaching and learning; workshops; lectures; and enhancing the student, employee and alumni experience.

Selection Process

Annually, the Office of the Chancellor will invest funds to support the Pitt Seed Project initiative. Applicants can request up to $50,000.