Planning Liaisons

Every school or unit identified a liaison for the Plan for Pitt process.  These planning liaisons assisted with information gathering and shared regular updates the process with their units.

Bobby Ackerman Teaching Center
Renae Barger Health Sciences Library System (HSLS)
Aaron Batista Engineering
Mark Burdsall Human Resources
Christy Clark Pitt-Bradford
Diane Drazdzinski CFO's Office
Sandra Engberg Nursing
Eleanor Feingold Graduate School of Public Health
Everett Herman Honors College
Adam Hobaugh CIO's Office
Mike Holland Research
Kellie Kane Admissions/Financial Aid
Fumi Kimura Athletics
Julie LaBar Business & Operations
John Lea Engagement
Linda Lieu Registrar's Office
Melissa McGivney Pharmacy
Debora Miller Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Michele Montag Arts & Sciences
Oana Nicola-Stephan SCI
Jean O’Donnell Dental Medicine
Peter Oh Law
Tracy Polinsky Pitt-Greenburg
Jillian Rodgers GSPIA
Karri Rogers Katz/CBA
Katie Rossi Medicine
Megan Soltesz Social Work
Lori Spisak Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement
Mary Kay Stein LRDC
Christian Stumpf Pitt-Johnstown
Belkys Torres UCIS
Cindy Wertz CIO's Office
Linda Williams Moore Student Affairs
Jeff Wisniewski Libraries
Rochelle Woods Education
Laura Zullo Business & Operations