The Business of Humanity®—Enhancing Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability in Disadvantaged Communities through Radical Business Models

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The project seeks to build a self-sustaining, multi-school, global laboratory that serves as a platform for action research on radical business models that profitably incorporate social purpose; for developing a portfolio of community-oriented courses for business, engineering and social work students; and for initiatives responding to needs of disadvantaged communities in Pittsburgh and abroad, and stimulating economic vitalization. The project directly and powerfully supports all six of the goals in the Plan for Pitt.

The laboratory, designed and managed by business, engineering, and social work faculty and staff, connects two seminal industries—health and energy. Connecting innovation ecosystems across industries triggers a surge in innovation. The laboratory also connects and manages sites serving the energy and health needs of two communities, one in a developed economy (U.S.) and the second in an emerging economy (India), which motivates and facilitates traditional technology transfer as well as reverse innovation.

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Camillus
Katz Graduate School of Business

Select Collaborators

Bopaya Bidanda
Swanson School of Engineering

Kristy Bronder
Katz Graduate School of Business

John Wallace
Social Work

Goal Area