Creating a Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce

a picture of a hand on laptop ext to a headset

Project Description 

The cybersecurity skills gap remains a significant challenge in the industry. Increased online presence and complex cyber-attacks have escalated the need for qualified resources. Faced with this challenge, employers are searching for candidates outside of tech, but transitioning to cybersecurity from a non-tech field is difficult. Furthermore, today’s cyber workforce is underrepresented; men outnumber women by 3 to 1 and underrepresented groups make up less than 15% of the workforce. Our project aims to bridge this skills gap through a series of asynchronous boot camps, making cybersecurity education more accessible while helping to address the skills shortage in the industry.

Principal Investigator 

Leona Mitchell 
School of Computing and Information

Select Collaborators 

Alexa Bakalarski
School of Computing and Information

Ahmed Ibrahim
School of Computing and Information

Goal Area