Creating University-wide infrastructure and policies to enhance career development and professional networks of Pitt employees and students through non-routine dependent care support


Speaking and networking at conferences is crucial to career advancement, and these opportunities often create a need for occasional non-routine dependent care. This burden disproportionately affects women and people early in their careers. This project aims to
1) Create University-wide infrastructure and policies to support the career and professional network development of faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students through occasional non-routine dependent care support
2) Evaluate the efficacy and impact of the new infrastructure and policies to improve efforts in building professional networks and promoting work done at Pitt at the (inter)national level  

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Principal Investigator

Anna Wang-Erickson
Department of Pediatrics 

Select Collaborators 

Maureen Beal 
Office of the Chief Financial Officer 

David Dejong 
Office of Human Resources 

John Kozar 
Office of Human Resources 

Adam Leibovich 
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 

Annamarie Pirollo 
Department of Pediatrics 

Rebecca Roadman 
Office of Human Resources 

John Williams 
Department of Pediatrics 


Goal Area