Creation of the International Center for Conflict Resolution (IC4CR)

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The current failure to resolve conflicts worldwide highlights the need for a different approach to conflict resolution. The mission of IC4CR is to provide decision-makers with an in-depth understanding of the negotiating positions of all parties and recommend implementation guidelines based on preferences and priorities, to facilitate resolution of otherwise intractable conflicts. We propose to implement this mission by conducting studies of diplomatic and corporate conflicts using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) developed by the late University of Pittsburgh Distinguished Professor Thomas L. Saaty; building tradeoff models by: Eliciting preferences and priorities from the parties through the AHP to create a negotiation model which is measurement based; Using the priorities from the preferences to compute gain/loss ratios of tradeoffs from each party’s perspective; Identifying win-win, non-zero sum equitable tradeoffs that both parties can claim as a win; and developing a road map to facilitate implementing a feasible solution; and conducting simulations on the models developed. IC4CR is different because the use of the AHP helps to reduce uncertainty between and among the parties, to lessen emotion in negotiations, and to assess more accurately the relative value that each group attaches to an issue. The AHP focuses on articulation and application of self-interest, in a paradigm emphasizing trade-offs and avoiding zero-sum calculations that emphasize maximization of benefits for one side to the detriment of the other side.

Principal Investigator

Luis Vargas
Katz Graduate School of Business

Select Collaborators

H.J. "Jerry" Zoffer
Katz Graduate School of Business

Goal Area