Encouraging Faculty, Staff, and Student Participation in Primary Prevention


This project will result in the development and production of instructional materials, training, and mentoring for faculty and staff who want to incorporate education and discussion about the root causes of gender based violence into their courses, programs, and trainings. The materials and training developed will provide evidence based practices and discussion points on difficult topics including, but not limited to sexism, traditional gender roles, misogyny, media representation, toxic masculinity, consent, and victim blaming.

Principal Investigator 

Sheila Confer 
Co-Principal Investigator 
UPG Student Services/Humanities 

Tim Holler
Co-Principal Investigator 
UPG Behavioral Sciences

Select Collaborators 

Ann Emmerling
Team Member 
Blackburn Center

Jackie Horrall 
Team Member 
UPG Academic Affairs 

Ronna Colland 
Team Member 
UPG Business Office 

Goal Area