Fostering Civic and Cultural Competency Across the Disciplines Via Digital Game-Based Learning

video game app graphics, blue background with various symbols, center title - CiVWiZ


Project Description 

Conventional civic learning mediums at the University of Pittsburgh come with inherent barriers to broad student participation as they are communicated and facilitated disparately, and often compete against prevailing academic/social commitments, making it impractical and implausible for most Pitt students to engage them accordingly. The COVID-19 pandemic has further impeded student access to these mediums with the requisite transition to remote engagement. This project aims to create a digitally accessible, gamified civic learning technology to aid Pitt students in fostering their civic and cultural competence, and develop an objective, longitudinal assessment of students’ civic and cultural competence.

Co-Principal Investigators 

Tinukwa Boulder
School of Education

Ronald Idoko
Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Select Collaborators 

Neil Edmond Brown 
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Lina Dostilio 
Community and Government Relations

Victoria Grieve
School of Computing and Information

Everett Herman
Honors College

Jay Huguley
Center on Race and Social Problems

Lorie Johnson-Osho 
Office of the Provost

Chaz Kellem 
Student Affairs, Pitt Serves 

Lindsay Onufer
Center for Teaching and Learning

Goal Area