Goethe-Lexicon of Philosophical Concepts

Discussing Entries at the First International Workshop in Pittsburgh.


The Goethe-Lexicon of Philosophical Concepts (GLPC) is an international research initiative investigating the central role played by concepts in Goethe’s development as a philosopher. As a dynamic reference work hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Library System, the GLPC uses the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform to publish installments of peer-reviewed entries, thereby enabling a mapping of Goethe’s philosophical heterodoxies. All completed entries will be made available in the quarterly installments, and curated collections of concepts will be published from time to time.

The GLPC will take about ten years to complete. We envision publishing more than 350 entries authored by more than 100 scholars and comprising as many as 5000 (printed) pages, or two million words. There are currently 75 authors committed to the project, as well as fifty scholars from six countries on the editorial board. At least 300 colleagues have participated in GLPC events.

Summary of accomplishments through the end of 2021:

We plan publishing the first 100 entries in book form in 2024.

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Keynote Address on KRAFT (Power) as a Concept in the Thornburgh Room.

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A Diverse Demographic of Junior and Senior Scholars from North America and Europe: Literary Critics, Cultural Historians and Theorists, and Philosophers

Principal Investigator

Clark Muenzer


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