Luso-Sphere Through the World

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Project Description 

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) and the European Studies Center (ESC) at the University of Pittsburgh are jointly working on developing a Program in Luso-Sphere Studies. For students who wish to pursue a career or research with an international dimension, or in the Luso-Sphere specifically, studying this history and the cross-regional relationships that now exist in the Portuguese-speaking world would provide multiple opportunities. Such a program would be among the first of its kind in the US and could become a central location for the study of Portuguese language and the Luso-Sphere cultures.

Co-Principal Investigators

Luis Van Fossen Bravo
Center for Latin American Studies, UCIS

Keila Grinberg
Center for Latin American Studies - UCIS | History

Select Collaborators 

Gisselle Arce
Global Experiences Office

Ana Paula Carvalho
Hispanic Languages & Literatures, Dietrich School of Arts &Sciences

Allyson Delnore
European Studies Center, UCIS

Stephen Lund
European Studies Center. UCIS

Serena Rivera
Hispanic Languages & Literatures, Dietrich School of Arts &Sciences


Goal Area