A Makerspace on the Move: Mobilizing the OPEN LAB

Two female students writing on an interactive teaching board


The Teaching Center’s Open Lab – an established, cross-disciplinary makerspace that serves the entire University community – will use the Pitt Seed grant to acquire and mobilize cutting-edge maker technology for transport to classrooms, academic units, and community events for active learning, demonstrations, workshops, and training.


  • The acquisition of high-end equipment essential to creating a fully-featured educational makerspace. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, 3D printing technology, virtual and augmented reality devices, and laser cutters.
  • To mobilize the Open Lab’s offerings, allowing technology to easily be transported to classrooms, community events, and partner sites. Pitt Seed funds will be used to create demonstration kits, presentation materials, and durable transportation that would ensure delicate equipment could be moved without danger or risk of damage.
  • To implement strategies to measure and enhance the impact of our new maker technologies and teaching methods. These strategies range in scope from the purchase of progress tracking software to professional development opportunities for Open Lab staff. 


A successful implementation of this project grant will result in increased mobility and variety of Open Lab technology, allowing a wider segment of the Pitt community to access cutting edge maker technology. Open Lab will also be able to take Pitt’s message of creativity, diversity, and excellence in innovation to untapped portions of the Pittsburgh community. We will expand our existing surveys and data analysis to monitor and document the success of these efforts, both in reach and in impact on individuals.

Principal Investigator

Aaron Graham
Office of the Provost

Goal Area