MilTeenChat™ App for the Military Community: Developing Gamification to Strengthen Teen’s Decision-Making Skills


Children in military families aged 12 to 18 have experienced the highest number of wartime separations in U.S. history. The effects of multiple moves and significant parental absences have affected resilience in the military adolescent population. The MilTeenChat™ App was designed to promote resilience and coping among teens in military families. We plan to develop a gamification component to the app with which we can teach military teens coping with deployment strong decision-making skills. This seed project is well aligned with Plan for Pitt Strategic Plan Goal 1: Engage in Research of Impact and Goal 3: Strengthen Communities.

Principal Investigator
  • Ann M. Mitchell, PhD, RN

    Co-Principal Investigator
    School of Nursing

  • Ann Gleason, MS

    Co-Principal Investigator
    Center for Military Medicine Research

  • Judy L. Cameron, PhD

    Co-Principal Investigator
    Psychiatry and Neuroscience