Pitt Commons Social Capital & Professional Networking Evaluation


Project Description

Pitt Commons is an online platform designed exclusively for members of the Pitt community. Utilizing a blend of organic use and programming, the platform allows students, faculty, staff, and alumni the opportunity to develop career networks; facilitate mentoring relationships; and, ultimately, cultivate social capital, leading to enriched opportunities.

Although we can analyze discrete interactions within platform usage, we do not have the ability to quantitate user outcomes or evaluate the effectiveness of digital engagement methods. This study will allow us to understand the current landscape of platform usage and align resources and interventions to encourage user behaviors for optimal outcomes.

Principal Investigator

Lisa Belczyk
Office of the Provost / Pitt Alumni Association

Select Collaborators 

Jonathan Malek
Pitt Alumni Association 

Shutong Song
Office of the Provost / Pitt Alumni Association

Joseph Yurko
School of Computing and Infomation 



Goal Area