Pitt Participation in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program


The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) creates the opportunity to be a part of America’s space program by fostering students’ interests in science. Students create proposals for microgravity experiences to be tested aboard the International Space Station. Faculty mentorship facilitates students’ real experiences in teamwork, communication, competition, and the thrill of science in space. This project will allow for participation in the SSEP program, interdisciplinary school events, and community engagement with local high schools. By participating in SSEP’s Mission 14 to the ISS, the University of Pittsburgh will create unique opportunities for students, faculty, and programs as a whole.

Principal Investigator
  • Ravi Patel

    Co-Principal Investigator
    School of Pharmacy

  • David Vorp

    Co-Principal Investigator
    Swanson School of Engineering

  • Kerry Empey

    Co-Principal Investigator
    School of Pharmacy

Select Collaborators
  • John Donehoo

    Team Member