Pop Rocks Punctuation for Students with Reading Problems

graphics of a book opened and bubbles of images (pencil, crayon, globe, beaker, book) popped up from it. Pop Rocks candies in the middle

Project Description

This grant will support a research study to assess the efficacy of a unique reading intervention strategy on helping students with Learning Disabilities and other students with exceptional learning needs with reading problems. The ultimate goal of the study is to inform the development of new methods courses for our current Education curriculum to ensure our education majors learn, practice and apply relevant, research-based methods of teaching reading to students with special needs.Through this Pitt Seed Project, Pitt-Bradford will strengthen its connections with the community as we strengthen and expand what our education majors will bring to the teaching profession. 

Co-Principal Investigators

Jonathan Chitiyo
Pitt Bradford 

Wayne Brinda
Pitt Bradford 

Select Collaborator 

Anne McDonald 
Pitt Bradford 


Goal Area