Raising GIRL: Gender Inequality Research Lab @ Pitt

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Raising GIRL will create a new, year-long transdisciplinary course paired with an internship program. Graduate students and undergraduate honors students will work directly with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and national governments to research gender inequality in public institutions worldwide. Our initiative promises transformational results by engaging students in close collaboration with institutional partners on high-impact, policy-relevant, global research; by creating internship and exchange opportunities; and by bridging the academic divide between graduate and undergraduate education. It will advance educational excellence at Pitt, raise GIRL’s reach, and produce research that aids global efforts to reduce gender inequality. Learn more at www.girl.pitt.edu. 

Principal Investigator

Melanie Hughes
Co-Principal Investigator
School of Arts and Sciences (Sociology)

Dr. Müge Finkle
Co-Principal Investigator

Goal Area