Screenshot ASIA: Connecting Pittsburgh to 21st Century Film and Media


Project Description 

The Screenshot: Asia Film Festival (starting October 2021) brings together students, faculty, and community members around our interest in Asia as a rapidly developing and essential part of the 21st century global economy and our region’s shared love for contemporary film and media arts. The week-long event will showcase films from northern Asia to the Middle East.

Our themes, Global Asia (2021) and Inter/Media (2022), give us the flexibility to engage with local ethnic communities, Asian and Asian-American student interests, film lovers, and the broader public eager to learn more about Asia while celebrating artistry, diversity, and humanity through cinema.

Principal Investigator 

Charles Exley
East Asian Languages & Literatures

Select Collaborators 

Lynn Kawaratani
Asian Studies Center / UCIS

Neepa Majumdar
English / Film Studies

Kun Qian
East Asian Languages & Literatures

Seung-Hwan Shin
East Asian Languages & Literatures

Kirsten Strayer
Asian Studies Center / Film Studies 

Goal Area