SPARKS: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Pitt-Johnstown and the Local Communities


This project is a campus-wide, collaborative, multidisciplinary, and personalized effort that will take place at Pitt-Johnstown and extend to the neighboring communities. The project aims to enhance awareness and engagement related to diversity and inclusion, sustainably engage Pitt-Johnstown and the neighboring communities in promoting diversity and inclusion, and create safe spaces and a supportive environment for all.

Principal Investigator 

Dr. Tuangtip Klinbubpa-Neff 
Pitt Johnstown, English Department

Select Collaborators

Peter Egler 
Owen Library 

Dr. Marsha Grimminger 
Pitt Johnstown, Natural Sciences Department 

Dr. Ola Johanssen 
Pitt Johnstown, Geography Department 
Dr. Ryan Kerrigan 
Pitt Johnstown, Geology Department 


Goal Area