U.S. Law and Legal English Program (LLEP)


The US Law and Legal English Program (LLEP) is a collaboration between the Center for International Legal Education of Pitt Law (CILE) and Pitt’s English Language Institute (ELI). LLEP will bring foreign undergraduates studying law to the Pitt campus for a four-week program that includes law classes spanning a range of topics in US law, including practical exercises in business law and litigation; language classes focusing on speaking and listening skills incorporating US legal terms and concepts; and a variety of activities and excursions in the Pittsburgh region, as well as excursions to Washington DC and Niagara Falls.

Goals of LLEP include:

  • Exposing both ELI and Pitt Law to a wider range of prospective students, and increasing international applications to both the JD and LLM programs at Pitt Law.
  • Building stronger links between Pitt Law and ELI, and laying the foundation for future collaborations across the University.
  • Strengthening our existing relations with international partners and building new relationships with foreign law schools.

LLEP targets the following outcomes:

  • Enrollment in LLEP to reach 40 students in two sections by Summer 2020, with a sustainable pipeline for recruitment of students for coming summers.
  • At least 5 LLEP participants to have enrolled as LLM or JD students at Pitt Law by Fall 2020.
  • A demonstrable connection between LLEP program participation and the strengthening of at least one institutional partnership and the beginning of at least one new institutional partnership.
Principal Investigator
  • Ronald Brand


Select Collaborators
  • Alan Juffs

    English Language Institute

  • Robert Mucklo

    English Language Institute

  • Richard Thorpe

    Center for International Legal Education of Pitt Law