University of Pittsburgh Computational Genomics Training Program

an individual wearing a lab coat doing lab experiment

Project Description 

Recent years have seen rapid advances in high-throughput technologies in biology. Investment in high performance computing clusters, such as the HTC cluster managed by Center for Research Computing (CRC), have made computational resources increasingly accessible to interpret the results of such experiments. However, a pressing challenge currently that many research groups face is a lack of readily accessible bioinformatics expertise. Our aims are to 1) Design and teach ~40 3-hour computational genomics hands-on workshops during the coming two years; 2) Design and manage a web forum platform to allow Pitt researchers to pose questions and offer solutions to bioinformatics-related problems.

Principal Investigator 

Fangping Mu
Center for Research Computing

Select Collaborators 

Riyue Bao
School of Medicine 

Uma Chandran
Biomedical Informatics

Robert Lafyatis 
School of Medicine

Shuchang Liu

Amanda Poholeka

Dhivyaa Rajasundaram



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