U.S. Law and Legal English Program (LLEP)

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The US Law and Legal English Program (LLEP) is a collaboration between the Center for International Legal Education of Pitt Law (CILE) and Pitt’s English Language Institute (ELI). LLEP will bring foreign undergraduates studying law to the Pitt campus for a four-week program that includes law classes spanning a range of topics in US law, including practical exercises in business law and litigation; language classes focusing on speaking and listening skills incorporating US legal terms and concepts; and a variety of activities and excursions in the Pittsburgh region, as well as excursions to Washington DC and Niagara Falls.

Goals of LLEP include:

  • Exposing both ELI and Pitt Law to a wider range of prospective students, and increasing international applications to both the JD and LLM programs at Pitt Law.
  • Building stronger links between Pitt Law and ELI, and laying the foundation for future collaborations across the University.
  • Strengthening our existing relations with international partners and building new relationships with foreign law schools.

LLEP targets the following outcomes:

  • Enrollment in LLEP to reach 40 students in two sections by Summer 2020, with a sustainable pipeline for recruitment of students for coming summers.
  • At least 5 LLEP participants to have enrolled as LLM or JD students at Pitt Law by Fall 2020.
  • A demonstrable connection between LLEP program participation and the strengthening of at least one institutional partnership and the beginning of at least one new institutional partnership.

Principal Investigator

Ronald Brand

Select Collaborators

Alan Juffs
English Language Institute

Robert Mucklo
English Language Institute

Richard Thorpe
Center for International Legal Education of Pitt Law

Goal Area