Using Administrative Data to Measure Teaching Effectiveness



There is a pressing need at Pitt to develop alternative methods for evaluating teaching effectiveness. The proposed project will leverage existing institutional datasets to develop, validate, and standardize new methods for measuring teaching of effectiveness. In particular, we seek to quantify the impact that particular instructors have on student outcomes, including subsequent retention, major choice, and academic performance. This will be used to help Pitt improve by helping instructors understand the effectiveness of their teaching practices while also providing standardized benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of educational interventions.

Principal Investigator 

Kevin R. Binning, Ph. D. 
Co-Principal Investigator 
Psychology, Learning Research and Development Center

Cynthia Golden
Co-Principal Investigator 
Associate Vice Provost, Executive Director of University Center for Teaching and Learning 

Select Collaborators 

Patricia Beeson
Professor of Economics and Provost Emeritus

Amanda Brodish
Data Analytics, Office of the Provost

Lindsay Onufer
University Center for Teaching and Learning

Christian Schunn
Psychology, Learning Research and Development Center

Julia Spears
Academic Innovation, Office of the Provost 


Goal Area