XProjects Applied Research XPloration


The XProjects Applied Research XPloration (XARX) purpose is to further develop the Pitt XProject program’s internal research collaborations and to explore new applications of ongoing research, while simultaneously providing our students with co-curricular design/engineering experiences that go beyond the classroom. Our diverse multidisciplinary teams employ a rigorous process and a proven suite of tools to navigate fast-paced project work, all the while gaining practice with project management, prototyping, and negotiating stakeholder/client relationships. This innovative approach to design education also creates an environment where students can gain the experience they need to more confidently approach and define complex problems.

Principal Investigator

Brandon Barber 
Swanson School of Engineering 

Select Collaborators 

Dr. William "Buddy" Clark 
Swanson School of Engineering 

Dr. Gemma Jiang 
Swanson School of Engineering 

Dan Yates
Swanson School of Engineering 


Goal Area